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Noogie Nugget: Books We Love!

We are excited to recommend AND to offer a FREE copy of Draw It Out to any child experiencing grief, loss, fear and/or anxiety. Read this edition of NoogieNews to learn how to get your free copy and why we love this creative, child-friendly and interactive journal published by our friends at Art with Heart.

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Wanda Reddon with Rachel Holt and children

Cancer Support for 3 Generations!

After my cancer diagnosis in August 2015, my daughter Christina found Gilda’s Club Nashville on the Internet, and said “this looks like an interesting place, maybe we should check it out.” As Christina recalls, “Mom was feeling sad and depressed and unsure about her next steps to regains some normalcy in her life. Upon reviewing…

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For the Whole Family

By Heather Parham To date, I am a six time survivor of a rare cancer called Metastatic Myxoid Vulvar Sarcoma. I have had chemo several times, radiation once of a brain tumor and again on my chest for my lung, and too many surgeries to mention. When I was first diagnosed in 1993, Gilda’s Club…

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Noogie Nugget: Crafts We Love

Crafts We Love! – Plastering

As we know, everyone and everything has a purpose. At Gilda’s Club Nashville, we LOVE to find creative ways to REpurpose materials, which is an exciting way to give old items a new life! Our goal for this craft was to create a model of a CT Scanner to be used for medical play during Camp Connect at Gilda’s Club Nashville. Thus, we searched the Clubhouse and found the following items: plaster bandages, an envelope box, scissors and tape.

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Gene Wilder Dies at 83

It’s a sad day for Gilda’s Club Nashville, and all other Gilda’s Club affiliates. One of our co-founders, Gene Wilder died today from complications from Alzheimer’s. Gene’s love for his late wife, Gilda Radner, drove his dedication to open the first Gilda’s Club in New York City in 1995 with the help of Gilda’s pyschotherapist, Joanna Bull,…

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